Sales Agents for Mechanical Engineering and Plastics Industry

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Process Control GmbH

We are looking for Sales Agents for the above seen countries and Australia You should:- have experiences in the plastic industry- be organized in your doings- speak English and the local...


Sales Agents and Distributors for Beauty, Cosmetics, Consumer Goods

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Puritx: is a game-changer in the world of hand sanitiser. We are looking to expand our network of Sales Agents (commission based) and distributors across Europe and Asia Pacific. Our main business...


Sales Agents, Distributors, Importers for Smokers Items

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Vigent Srl

The VIGENT s.r.l. is a young company in the distribution of smoking articles and in the specific brand of "Movida" Cartine & Filtri FOR AGENTS: select JUNIOR SALES, to...


Sales Agents for Safety Shoes

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Pezzol Industries Srl

  Pezzol Industries Srl is an Italian company universally recognized since 1950s for its manufacturing excellence of ‘Made in Italy’ safety shoes. The company is also praised as...


Sales Agents Distributors for Food & Beverage

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  Monetize your local connections by helping healthy food and beverage producers enter your local market. Apply here - ...


Commercial Agents for Machines for Metal Working

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  ABRATOOLS SA leader in machines tools and abrasives , we share  all our knowledge and storage with costumers and partners  we are looking  for the agents in belgium , netherland...


Sales Agents for Cement Fertilizers Mines and Minerals Water treatment Chemicals

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Hasler Group

  Are you looking for a high-income outside sales position? Then our Sales Agent opportunity is the perfect fit for you. HASLER GROUP, an industrial French Company A top player in the...


Independent Sales Agents for Medical Products

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  Dr.Luigi is a manufacturer of medical footwear. We use bio-mechanics to measure the static loading on the foot in relationship to the rest of the body to design specialty footwear that...


Sales Agents Distributors for Cardboard Packaging Floor Display

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Max Box Srl

  MAX BOX SRL is a cardboard packaging company based in Italy.  We are looking for a local agents, distributors, multifirm agents, agents itermediaries speaking both English and...


Sales Agents Ecommerce and Distribution

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Smarter Surfaces

Smarter Surfaces develops and provides a range of functional surfaces products to a global range of customers. Our market leading product range is the widest available and enables our customers to...







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