Business Development and Sales Agent for Clothing

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Northern India Trends Co

Need a business development / Sales Agent In Europe For A Government Recognized Export House Based In Delhi India. NITC is a renowned manufacturer and exporter of ladies and kid readymade...


Sales Reps for Plastic Wraps

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SuperBee Wax Wraps

We are looking for sales reps who care about the environment and want to sell our substitute for plastic wrap. We are a social enterprise selling to 22 countries with 50 000 + followers on social...


Sales Agents for Apparel

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Carmel Clothing Ltd

One of the UK’s most successful fast fashion ladieswear & kidswear suppliers is now expanding its operation onto the global stage. The company Carmel, develops, designs and produces for...


Sales Agents for Food Products

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Za.Be. Srl

Za.Be. is an oil and pickled product company founded in 1964. In order to stenghten our export market we are looking for multifirm agents to cover the countries above. The candidates must be already...


Sales Agents and Distributors for PostGol Technological Kit

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PostGol gives the opportunity to every sportsman to realize their dream: watch their game in Full HD and feel like a champion! The PostGol kit records matches...


Skilled Sales Agents for Fitness and Health

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For the last 10 years, Smartshake has developed and launched innovative shakers and water bottles for the whole fitness and health sector. The brand is well known in the industry, as well as among...


Agenti di Commercio e Responsabili Area per Sistemi Elettrici

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Elettronica Kros Srl

La Elettronica Kros è un’azienda italiana specializzata nella realizzazione di sistemi per l’installazione elettrica. Dal 1980 progetta e produce al suo interno apparecchiature...


Sales Agents and Distributors for Keys Automotive

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Tagster has been supplying consumable key management products to the motor industry and beyond since 2005. Our brand is now widely recognised across the UK as a leading supplier of high quality...


Sales Agents for Upside House

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Business first started by opening illusion museum in Lithuania. Upside down house was built at popular Lithuania resort in 2017. Revenue and profit of this business exceeded our expectations, so was...


Agenti - Procacciatori per Arredamento

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AFA Arredamenti

AGENTE/PROCACCIATORE arredo su misura in Italia e all'estero Azienda produttrice di ARREDAMENTI SU MISURA PER LOCALI PUBBLICI cerca agenti/procacciatore per diverse regioni italiane (Sicilia,...







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