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Sales Agents for Toys

 Austria, Belgio, Francia, Germania, Irlanda, Italia, Norvegia, Olanda, Regno Unito, Spagna, Svezia





Looking for a Sales agent with experience in penetrating retail chains and toy shops on a commission based contract. Be ready for springtime, when it's soap bubble time again.

Kids love Bubble Toys :-) - I certainly know I did and my daughter did! However, kids also love to spill Bubble Toys making for a quick clean-up and a potentially dangerous situation opening up to kids slipping on a soapy solution if not seen and cleaned up straight away - and lots of tears all-round and angry parents having to clean that priceless persian rug!

BubbleSaver is an Innovative Silicon Cap that fits most Bubble Toys, allowing the wand to slip into the Bubble Solution, and sealing up preventing spillage when the wand is removed.

Resuable, silicon cap, prevents spilling of bubble toy mixture. Easy to sell alongside Bubble Toys as an impulse buy. Comes in Packs of Two,Recommended Retail Price, €4.99.

It's a must-have for any parent. This product should be on the shelf in any shop right next to soap bubble cans during summer time. First of a kind product.

Consumers are parents with kids in ages 3-8 years and they purchase through amazon or our website today, but we'd like to increase the retail channel.



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