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Sales Agents Sales Representatives for Construction, Ventilation Systems

 Belgio, Olanda, Regno Unito





Product description / About us:

Ventmann is the leading innovator of a new generation Ventilation Diffuser design products, that is still non-existent in the majority of the markets.

Our product is uncompromisingly unique, with no analogies globally.

Looking forward to meeting our new partners, and inviting you to become a part of an expanding world leading innovator.

  1. Innovative – the first on the market made from a special gypsum composite.
  2. Modern – the production process is flexible and environmentally friendly, while the installation possibilities are nearly limitless.
  3. Uncompromised elegancy – maintains the integrity of the interior design and fully melts in a wall or ceiling surfaces.


Job Description:

What we are looking for?

We are looking for B2B, commission-based sales agents in local markets, who would be willing to bring our products into their own market. The main tasks are as follows:

-          Deep knowledge of the Ventilation market in the own country

-          Ability to communicate effectively and provide the customer with accurate information

-          Arranging the meetings with potential customers and follow with presentations of company products

-          Identification of new market segments and application areas.

-          Inquiry processing, offer preparation as well as price and contract negotiations.

-          Close cooperation with our technical & sales departments in Vilnius

-          Customer’s consultation, support and advice of our products

-          Implementation of company's sales strategy and marketing plans in own market

-          Provide feedback from customers to ensure continuous development 

What do we offer?

-          An exclusive commercial agency contract for the market on a self-employed basis

-          A profitable commission for incoming orders from arranged clients

-          Marketing materials and tools required to achieve product popularity in the market

-          Full technical support

Target markets:

-          Belgium

-          United Kingdom

-          Denmark

-          Germany

-          Italy

-          Spain

-          Latvia

-          Estonia

Target customers:

-          Ventilation installation companies, specializing in designing and building ventilation solutions

-          Specialty retailers of: Ventilation installation components; construction materials

-          Wholesalers, and stockists of: Ventilation installation components; construction materials

-          Architects

-          Interior designers

-          Construction businesses


BENEFITS of our products

All our models of gypsum diffusers possess these advantages:

  1. Frameless design – Ventmann gypsum diffusers does not create any frame on the surface they’re installed. This is possible because they can be easily glazed over, thus fully connecting the diffuser to the ceiling or a wall.
  2. Simple installation – diffuser installation is performed only once, together with the ceiling or walls. All Ventmann diffusers are designed so that they do not require changes in the ceiling height.
  3. Easier painting – because the diffusers are installed together with the ceiling or walls, they can be painted over with the same type of paint.
  4. Design integrity – since you no longer have to think about where to hide the diffuser frame or what paint to use, interior design will retain its integrity and aesthetics.
  5. Ecological composition – gypsum is a completely natural material, extracted from the ground. It is non-toxic and doesn’t contain any hazardous chemicals.
  6. Comfortable air flow – our diffusers showcase excellent performance parameters and have a wide range of models.

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